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Just think about that for a second…print has officially become non-traditional marketing. That’s where we are today. Blogging, social media, web articles… that’s all very traditional. Now, are we saying that companies should be looking at print as an opportunity right now to get and keep attention? Yes, that’s exactly what we’re saying.   More than ever we hear from marketers and brand managers that “print is dead”. Well, Calinoi bets the farm everyday on the fact that print is not dead…that it is in fact very much alive. We believe the current media mix provides an unparalleled opportunity to make an impact through print. As we move into a new age where ink resides on paper less, doesn’t it make sense to consider it even more? Consider how pleasantly shocking it is to engage with a well executed print marketing piece today when we spend most of our time staring at screens.Brochure-2