Direct Mail

Direct Mailers Ready to Hit Mailboxes

Direct Mailers Ready to Hit Mailboxes

                          We offer a complete suite of direct mail services necessary to complete your direct mail marketing project. Let us show you how each of our direct mail services can help make your direct marketing campaign a success!

Direct Mail Design

We take the design of your mail piece very seriously. We’re extremely careful in the handling of all supplied art and provide you with accurate proofs to approve before the piece is printed. If you haven’t yet created your mail piece, we can help with that too. Bring us your concept and content, and our experienced design team will design your direct mail piece to get your audience’s attention.  

Mailing List Acquisition and Management

We can help you handle your house mailing list or purchase a new mailing list. Once your data is purchased we can cleanse, de-dupe and even store the data.  

Variable Data Printing

Get up close and personal with your prospect and call them by name! With variable data printing, you can personalize each piece of your mail campaign with information or even graphics specific to each of your individual prospects.  

Offset and Digital Printing

Stop carting your direct mail project from the printer to the mail house. We offer traditional web and offset printing, as well as digital printing for short runs. Our presses and papers are specifically chosen to best serve direct mail printing campaigns, so that your mail piece meets all postal automation standards to ensure you receive the maximum amount of postal discounts.  

Mailing Services

With everything from CASS-Certification to ink-jet addressing and inserting, Calinoi’s in-house mailing services are sure to make your direct mail marketing project go smoothly. Our on-site USPS MERLIN mail verification ensures that your direct mail project will go out on time, every time. It’s our policy to turn over the original 3602 Affidavit of Mailing to you as a proof of mailing, and a copy is retained for our records.  

Give Calinoi a call today at 1.847.417.0803 to chat more about the complete line of direct mail services available to you.

Direct Mail Ready to Hit Mailboxes

Direct Mail Ready to Hit Mailboxes