About Us


Our hope is to become famous for providing a buying experience that stands apart as truly remarkable, being sure to care for the normal everyday projects but specializing on the “hard” and “weird” stuff that steals precious time and resources from our clients.

Company Overview

Calinoi – Ca·li·noi [kal-uh-noi] noun
  1. A company born from a desire to always say “YES” and then deliver solutions that are genuinely helpful.
  2. A seemingly abstract word that is actually derived from California and Illinois, the states our founder and owner John Pack has spent his entire career.
  3. Awesome.
  4. A full service print firm, specializing in helping game-changing organizations move the ball down the field by leveraging our knowledge of all things print on their behalf.


Quality, Value, Integrity, Innovation, Velocity, Expertise, Wisdom…


Calinoi is different for very simple reasons.

  1. We are allergic to the word no. If it has ink on it…we can do it competitively and with excellence.
  2. We love hard jobs, as they shine a bright light on what we do best…hard jobs.
  3. Our Yes means Yes, period.